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G+ shutdown April 2019 so try

Delicious as of 2020-12 is down click here to check their status. as of 12-26-2020 is seized by the government and closed.

FLASH for browsers ended 12-31-2020.

Social media platforms close for maintenance but or shortly back up.

2020 Clapper is like Tiktok but for adults only.

Send articles, photos and artwork by theme to the appropriate locations.

There are many places to post online and here are a few. Here's a vocabulary list to help. Social Media, Social Bookmarking, POD, Print On Demand, Sites, Blogs, Personal Websites, Marketplaces, Guest Books, and more, so post everywhere. See social media shut downs below.


SOCIAL BOOKMARKING: Digg, StumbleUpon became Mix, Tumblr, Flickr on Tumblr, Delicious, Yuuby, more to coming soon.

Image Social Media: Flickr, Google Photos, Imgur, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube, more to coming soon.

POD, PRINT ON DEMAND, SITES: Artpal, Canvas Champ, FAA is Fine Art America, Society6, Zazzle, Youtube Video, more to coming soon.

BLOGS: Free Blogger, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups shutdown 12/15/2020, more to coming soon.

PERSONAL WEBSITES - Site-Google, Google Suites, more to coming soon.

MARKETPLACES - go to marketplace page.

NEWS COMMENTARIES - Yahoo News, join news commentaries, more to coming soon.

LOCAL AREAS - You can find through economic searches online by zip code.

GUEST BOOKS - coming soon.

Browser Extensions - coming soon.

Video Social Media - Clapper, Tiktok, Vimeo and Youtube

Tips and Ideas in the News

People, the customers, are normally paid on the 1st and the 15th

while others are paid weekly and every other 2 weeks,

and the SSDI/SSI is paid on the 1st for people whose birthday

are before the 15th and anyone's birthday after the 15 is paid

after the 15th but only once per month.

Meaning, paydays don't meet up with holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


May business will pay to help promote their products via an affiliate or referral program, Affiliate program is where you sign up for an account or a third party account, post a link on social media etc, then wait for someone to buy through your post, It takes roughly 30 days before a potential customer makes a purchase that the cooky no longer works and then another 30 before you get paid as long as the custstomer don't return the item. Referrals usually are near $20 dollars if you refer someone and then it is normally a store credit, This prevents you from sharing the money with another.

Here are a few referral businesses who pay: Fiverr, Paypal, Zazzle, etc.


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