Creating Content Images

To create content images to post online, try mockup images. If you are using affiliate, they often create banner or link to images for you.

Follow the links to find Where to Post Online. Be sure to read the TOS, terms of service on every site because some may change and start charging you for use without a sale.

When creating accounts, remembers to bookmark them.

It's better to have EIN number from the IRS than to use your SS number. Some sites offer individual affiliates a 1099 easy IRS form. Contact a professional to help you.

DISCLAIMER: These are not substitutes for legal advice so contact a professional,


Follow this Color of the Year Tool link to create a palette,

Pantone is the leader of annual trends. Find your favorites.

Find a complementary color, find a triac color,



Showing the diversity and range of complementary tents and shades for the 2021 trending year or past year colors.

The Do's?


Do post as many places as you can.

Use as many site tools as you can find like link to browser extensions, apps, etc.

Create appropriate site image for individual sites. Meaning, use used clothing type images and for other sites use mockup images to display your content, post professional looking calling cards, and ...

Keep your motto or slogan short, like - "Pick your favorites", available any time, link to us, follow us, and your web address URL domain name. Use hashtags like #gifts, #holiday, etc, and also leave your @delynnaddamsdesigns.

Be sure to use different images if posting to the same sites. I have different sites so I can post different content.

Follow the site rules and terms.

Do look for places near you area who will let you sell your goods.

If your not sure about the content you post, do a test post, look at other previous posts or use another account or your friends pc to see if your content acceptable so you don't lose access.

Don'ts - HEADS UP!

Don't double post instead use different images when you post. Over posting can get you blocked from a group or site. Don't post a lot at one time. Spread out your post by posting at another sites.

I don't recommend auto posting because it gets you blocked for breaking the rules. There are no special group rules that are listed in these preprogrammed site auto postings.

Don't ask them to PM, personal message your. Why because you want them to click then buy.

Group admins can ghostband you. Meaning you can see your content but others can't! Some sites let you band or hide posts. So don't close your opportunity doors.


If you would like a websites like this, click here.